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Life Insurance for People who Use Chewing Tobacco and Snuff

When applying for life insurance coverage, there are oftentimes issues that may lead to a policy being rated for a higher amount of premium and placed into a higher rating class. This is because, although the insured does not necessarily have an adverse health condition such as cancer or heart disease, they may still be at a higher risk of claim for other reasons.

Those who use chewing tobacco and snuff, for example, are one such example. One reason for this is because those who are longer term users of chewing tobacco are nearly 50 percent more likely to develop oral cancer than those who do not use. In addition, just one can of snuff can have as must nicotine as approximately 60 cigarettes. With these facts in mind, there are some life insurers that will charge those who chew tobacco double the rates of non-smokers for a comparable life policy.

life insurance for cheing tobacco and snuff usersThat being said, however, there are also other cases where those who use chewing tobacco and / or snuff could actually be able to find life insurance companies that will offer them non-smoker rates. When this is the case, the premium amount that you pay can be quite a bit lower than the rates that are offered to smokers. Over several years time, the difference in premium amount can really add up. Therefore, it pays to compare.

One of the best ways of doing so is to work with a company that has access to numerous life insurance companies. We can help you to find the right insurer and the right premium price. We have access to a number of highly rated insurers, and can help you to compare – side by side – several that could be right for you and your specific coverage needs.

How Much Will Your Life Insurance Cost?

For those who chew tobacco and are seeking coverage, different carriers will have different methods and techniques for how they rate your policy. This is based in large part on how much of a risk they anticipate you being in terms of potentially filing a claim. The variables that are used in making their determination will typically include the following:

  • Your current age
  • Your gender
  • Your weight, as it relates to your height
  • Your occupation and income, as well as whether your are considered to work in an occupation that is risky or dangerous
  • Your marital status, and whether or not you have children
  • Your overall health, including your health history
  • Your family’s health history, such as a history of diabetes, heart or kidney disease etc.
  • Your lifestyle and hobbies, including whether your participate in hobbies that are considered to be dangerous such as sky diving or rock climbing
  • The amount of foreign travel that you do
  • The amount of – if any – other policy that you already have in force (or the amount of other life insurance, individual or group, that you are currently applying for)
  • Your alcohol usage
  • Your use of tobacco

Typically, you will be required to take a medical examination as a part of the overall application process, though there are those companies out there that do offer a no exam life insurance policy. This generally entails meeting with a paramedical professional who will take your blood pressure and heart rate reading. You will also be required to submit a blood and urine sample, which will be analyzed for certain types of health conditions that could pose potential health related risks to the insurance company.

You will also be required to submit a health questionnaire. Through this questionnaire you will be asked numerous questions regarding your health, both past and present, as well as questions about any medications that you are taking (including the dosages).

Once all of your information has been received and reviewed, the underwriters will be able to make a determination regarding your policy, as well as how much to charge in premium.

In most cases, if you are relatively young and you do not chew tobacco on a frequent basis, then there is a good chance that you will receive a good rating on your policy. This means that your policy’s premiums could be in the Standard class, which is average for others who are in your same age, health, and weight category.

If, however, you chew tobacco on a more frequent basis, then it is likely that your policy will be rated higher. This means that your policy could be rated as a Substandard and your premium will be higher than those who are in the Standard class. This could be in line with a “smoker’s” rate.

Getting Lower Rates

When you apply for life insurance, the insurance company is going to look at the dozens of factors above. All of them are going to impact how much you pay every month for your life insurance protection. There are a couple of ways that you can save money on your coverage.
One way to do that is to improve your overall health. As we mentioned above, the company is going to look at your current health or any pre-existing health complications that you may have.  If you want to save money, an excellent way to do that is to improve your overall health. Before the insurance company approves your application, they are going to require that you take a medical exam and the results are going to play a major role how much you pay every month. The two best ways to do that are to start getting regular exercise and stick to a healthy diet. Both of these are going to help you lose weight, lower your blood pressure, and reduce your chances of being diagnosed with any severe health problems.

Another great way to save money is to find safer hobbies. If you enjoy scuba diving or skydiving, then you’re going to be considered a high-risk applicant, which means that you’re going to pay more for your life insurance. If you want to save money, then you need to find hobbies that won’t force you to pay higher rates for your coverage.

If You Quit Chewing Tobacco, Will Your Life Insurance Rates Go Down?

Oftentimes, policy holders wonder if they quit chewing tobacco, will their premium rates go down. In some cases, this could happen. However, typically, you would need to be tobacco free for a minimum of one year before you would be able to qualify for lower premium rates.

In some instances, the life insurance company would need to re-issue your policy. This could even require that you undergo another medical examination in order to confirm that you are, in fact, free of nicotine. (This will show up in a blood test). There are some insurance companies that actually require individuals to be tobacco free for three years before they will offer non-smoker rates to those who quit smoking or quit chewing tobacco.

How to Obtain Life Insurance

For those who use chewing tobacco and snuff, there are ways to obtain life coverage – and by working with a company that has access to numerous insurance carriers, you may even be able to pick and choose the insurer that best fits your coverage needs and the premium price that best fits in with your budget.

Because those who chew tobacco are oftentimes treated more leniently than those who smoke cigarettes and can get significantly better rates that smokers of marijuana.  it does pay to shop around and compare several different insurance companies before making a life insurance purchase. This way, you can get a true feel for the wide variety of rates that are available to you.

When you’re ready to purchase the insurance protection that you need, we can help. We work with many of the top life insurance companies in the marketplace today – and we can help you to compare policy benefits and quotes, directly from the comfort and convenience of your home computer without ever having to meet in person with a life insurance agent. You can have the information that you need within just seconds. In order to get the process started, just simply use the form on this page.

We understand that you may have many questions. If so, we are happy to help. Our experts are standing by and ready to answer any of the concerns you may have about qualifying for life insurance for users of chewing tobacco and snuff, obtaining premium quote comparisons, or even just finding additional information about life insurance in general. Please feel free to contact us, toll-free, at 888-229-7522. We want to make sure that before you move forward, you have all the information you need to make an informed choice about the life insurance protection that you and your family deserve.

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