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Is there Life Insurance for Scuba Divers?

There are many activities that will put you directly into the high risk rates for life insurance, but you may be pleasantly surprised when it comes to scuba diving.  Working with an agent that knows your activity and how to work with the best companies when getting life insurance for scuba divers can get you rates as high as preferred. If you are in search of other types of insurance such as Veterans Life Insurance, we have options for you as well.

How does the insurance company do underwriting for life insurance?

life insurance for scuba diversEach company is a little different but by having the information they are looking for on hand you can make sure that they rate you properly for your life insurance rates.  This is VERY important when getting life insurance for scuba divers because the company will rate you higher the less information they have.  The most important factors for companies rating scuba diver life insurance are:

  • Certifications – If you are not certified and are scuba diving the insurance company is not going to give you good rates and will probably receive a denial.  No matter which national organization you receive your certification from, the higher level of certification you receive the lower your life insurance rates will be.  Basically better trained divers are less risky.
  • Experience – New divers are a bigger risk.  So the more experience you have the better your rates.
  • Rate Class – the deeper you dive the greater the risk.  Recreational divers who do not go below 50 ft can get preferred rates on life insurance.
  • Types of Diving – some diving is more dangerous than others. If you are diving into caves, doing commercial dives, or shipwreck diving you will not get preferred rates.  The best rates will be left to scuba divers who stick to the open waters.
  • Frequency of dives – If you are underwater almost as much as you are above water the insurance company will rate you for more expensive life insurance.  Recreational divers who go only a few times a year will still qualify for preferred rates.  Knowing your average number of divers per year will allow you to get the right life insurance policy matched up with the right company.

What allows you to get the best rates on life insurance?

The main thing that sets us apart is that we work with high risk life insurance cases on a regular basis.  This means we know which life insurance companies have favorable rates for scuba divers and can match you with the company that will rate your personal diving habits and profile with the best possible life insurance rates.  If you are ready to get started with a set of quotes use the form on this page and we will contact you to help you get matched up with the best life insurance rates for scuba divers.