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Buying Life Insurance While Taking Januvia

There are many reasons to apply for life insurance coverage, however obtaining an issued policy isn’t always easy This is especially the case if you have certain types of health conditions and you’ve been prescribed various medications for such issues. In some cases, the prescriptions that are taken for certain conditions can even cause side effects – making traditional life insurance qualification more difficult. This could be the case if you have been diagnosed with diabetes and you currently take Januvia.januvia logo

When applying for life insurance coverage that entails going through the “traditional” underwriting route, it is likely that you will be asked to submit additional paperwork so that the underwriters can get a better idea of your health condition.

Depending on your specific situation, it is also probable that you could end up paying higher premium rates, qualifying for a lower amount of coverage, having fewer policy options or all of the above. And, in some instances, it is also possible that you may not qualify for coverage at all.

The good news is, however, that there are still options out there for those who have diabetes and who have been prescribed the medication Januvia. And, by taking this alternate route, you can end up with the coverage that you need to ensure that your loved ones have the financial protection that they require for their protection.

How Januvia Works with Treating Diabetes

Januvia is a prescription medication that is often used with treating and managing Type 2 diabetes. This form of diabetes, as versus Type 1 diabetes, is a metabolic disorder. Its primary characteristics include relative insulin deficiency, as well as high blood glucose. (In Type 1 diabetes, the individual will typically have an absolute insulin deficiency that stems from the destruction of pancreatic islet cells).

It is important to note that, as with many other types of health conditions, Type 2 diabetes can take on several forms – from mild to severe. For example, a person who has a more mild case of the condition may exhibit symptoms of polyuria – which is more frequency of urination, or polydipsia – which is more increased thirst, and polyphagia – increased hunger.

Conversely, a person who has a more severe case of Type 2 diabetes may have much more intense symptoms. These can include a more increased risk of such items such as stroke, cardiovascular disease, becoming blind, and / or having kidney failure.

With all of this in mind, it is essential that an individual have a thorough medical exam in order to determine which type of diabetes they have. Likewise, it is also important to know this prior to submitting an application for life insurance – as it will make a difference in terms of the premium that is charged, as well as in whether or not a person may even be accepted for coverage.

In helping to treat diabetes with Januvia, the medication is taken orally, and it helps in controlling an individual’s blood sugar levels through the regulation of the insulin levels that the person’s body produces after they eat.

How Taking Januvia Can Affect Getting Life Insurance Coverage

For those who currently use Januvia for the treatment and management of their diabetic condition, this medication can have an effect on the application for coverage. Depending on the situation, it could lead to a Table B policy rating – or even to a declination of coverage. The primary determining factors will typically be an applicant’s daily blood sugar levels, as well as his or her A1C levels.

When submitting an application to be approved, always remember that the life insurance company could view your submission differently. While some may consider an individual who is taking Januvia as an automatic decline, others may accept him or her at a Substandard rating – meaning that they will offer them coverage, but at a higher premium rate. Still others may provide the person coverage at a Standard premium rate. This is why it is important to have a good “strategy” before moving forward.

How and Where to Find the Best Policy

Taking Januvia might limit some of your plan opportunities, but don’t let it worry you. Our office has contracts with many carriers and this is an advantage for you since we can run multiple quotes!

We will also help in guiding you through the entire process, such as:

  • Finding the right type of coverage – term, universal, or whole life
  • Determining the right amount of benefit for your survivors
  • Locating the carrier that will fit your coverage needs – and your budget

The awesome thing about our strategy is we focus on simplicity, speed, and satisfaction. All of our work with you can be done right from your personal computer. To give us a baseline of information about yourself, just complete the quote form on the left!

We understand that buying life insurance can sometimes seem confusing – that’s why our experts are here to help walk you through, step-by-step, the entire way. You will be provided with updates throughout the application time frame, and we will also go over your policy at the time it is approved in order to be sure that you know exactly how your coverage works. Getting you the coverage you need is our first priority. So, give us a call today – our number is 888-229-7522 – our agents are here to help.

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