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Life Insurance for People with Epilepsy

Whenever a person with epilepsy talks to us for the first time we almost always hear the question, “Why are rates on life insurance for people with epilepsy so high?”  The quick answer is ignorance.

Life insurance companies are always slow to change their underwriting methods because a mistake in underwriting could lead to huge losses for the company.  For this reason people with controlled epilepsy are pretty much getting the shaft on life insurance rates.  We know that controlled epilepsy does not lead to any shortage of life span just as well as you do and that is why we work with so many people to find the best rates for people looking to get life insurance with epilepsy. There are even no medical exam life insurance policies or low cost life insurance for smokers that are available if these interest you.

Since we know this frustration is out there here are some of the most common questions we see.

What are the best life insurance companies for epileptics?

We work with over 60 national life insurance companies and even more local ones and there are less than a handful that really know how to underwrite for epileptics.  We consider this a company secret since our competition does such a bad job of working with people who have epilepsy so we will not disclose these companies on the internet for all to see.  We are happy to work with you one on one to find the best rates and you can get started by using the form on this page or calling the number at the top of this page.  If you are interested you can look at who we consider the general top life insurance companies for all policies HERE.

What are life insurance underwriters looking for?

This gets a little tricky because they can each ask a few different questions but in general life insurance with epilepsy underwriters are looking for:

  • Date of initial diagnosis
  • Date of most recent episode
  • Frequency of episodes
  • Current medications
  • Other health issues
  • Are you driving
  • How severe are the seizures
  • Types of seizures are you having (sleep, traumatic, etc.)
  • Symptoms that come with your episodes

With this in mind we work with you to frame your answers to these questions properly so that you do not get rated in a lower life insurance for epilepsy class than is needed.

Can I get preferred rates?

At this time, no.  Right now the best anyone with epilepsy can do is to get a standard rate.  Even thous studies have shown that people with infrequent seizures show no more mortality risk than anyone in the general population the insurance companies still rate you a little lower for having epilepsy.

At InsureNow365.com we know it is hard to jump through all the hoops that the life insurance companies have for epileptics and the people that have categorized as high risk life insurance cases, so we have made it easy for you to work with us.  Use the form on this page or call our number above to get started with a set of quotes on life insurance for epileptics.  From there we will work with you to make sure you get the best rates.