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Is there Affordable Life Insurance for Veterans?

Volunteering to face dangers that most people never have to think about in their daily lives is to be appreciated and commended, but due to this increased risk military personnel have special life insurance options for while they are in the military.  However, once a veteran retires from the military, there are many more options for veterans life insurance. Continue Reading

Can You Qualify for Life Insurance While Taking Lisinopril?

Applying for life insurance can entail several steps. Typically, an applicant will need to complete an application for coverage that will inquire about his or her personal information, as well as about health and medical related details such as dementia or even diabetes. This will also include data regarding any prescriptions that are being taken… Continue Reading

Can You Get Life Insurance after Sleeve Gastrectomy

When applying for a life insurance policy, there are many issues that the insurance company’s underwriters will consider prior to giving approval for the coverage. One important factor is the applicant’s weight – especially as it relates to their height. This is because life insurance rates for overweight or obese people are always higher than… Continue Reading