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Can You Qualify for Life Insurance with Pancreatitis?

Finding good quality life insurance can be important. But, if you have any type of health condition, this can be a difficult task. Unfortunately, if you have been turned down for life insurance coverage in the past, you might think that there is no hope of obtaining a policy – but there is some good news. Even if you’ve been denied for coverage due to conditions like pancreatitis, you may still qualify for a plan. You just need to know where to look.

We can help you to find the life insurance coverage that you need – regardless of your current health condition. When applying for coverage, however, there are some details that the underwriters will want to know.

What the Underwriters Want to Know

life insurance with pancreatitisWhen applying for life insurance with Pancreatitis, the underwriters will want more in depth information regarding your condition. This is because they want to know how much of a risk you may be to the insurance company. For example, because this condition can come about in many different ways, the symptoms can vary a great deal from one individual to another. In addition, there are different classifications of Pancreatitis.

The underwriters for life insurance will also be interested in learning more about the potential long term effects of your condition. With this in mind, it will be important to let them know how you have been monitoring and controlling your condition over time.

Some of the key pieces of information that the underwriters will be concerned with will include where you were initially diagnosed, and what type of pancreatitis that you have. There are two main types of this condition. These are acute and chronic. If, for instance, you have only suffered once with a single case of acute pancreatitis due to gall stones, then it is likely that you will not only qualify for life insurance coverage, but that you can also obtain a policy that is rated as a Standard or above (depending on your other health factors).

If, however, you suffer from a chronic case of pancreatitis, then the underwriters will need to obtain more in depth information about your condition. Here, they will want to know more about the cause of your condition, as well as how long ago you were diagnosed. In addition, you will need to disclose the amount of frequency and occurrences.

Likewise, the underwriters will also need to know what – if any – medications you are taking for your pancreatitis. This is because in some cases, the long term effects of the medication may do harm to certain organs such as your kidneys and respiratory system, as well as have an effect on your blood pressure.

While all of the condition related information is important, you will also need to fill out an application for coverage. Here, you will be asked for basic information such as details about your:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Occupation
  • Income
  • Marital status
  • Smoking habits
  • Tobacco usage
  • Alcohol usage
  • Hobbies

As a part of the overall underwriting process, you will also be required to take a medical examination. This will require you to meet with a paramedical professional who will check your blood pressure and heart rate readings, and well as discuss with you details regarding your overall health history.

The exam will also consist of submitting a blood and urine sample. These samples will then be analyzed and tested for certain health conditions that may present additional risk to the life insurance company in terms of having to pay out a potential claim.

After the life insurance company’s underwriters have had a chance to review all of your information and data, they will be able to make a more informed determination regarding your policy and a premium price.

How Much Will Your Policy Cost?

When you apply for life insurance with pancreatitis, it is likely that you may not qualify for a Preferred rating. However, depending on your overall health, as well as the issues surrounding your pancreatitis, it is still possible.

Once the underwriters have reviewed your information, if it is found that your health is in line with that of other “average” insureds who are in your same age, height, and weight category, it is possible that your policy will be given a Standard rating. In this case, you will be charged a standard rate of premium.

If, however, it is found that your condition presents more of a risk to the insurance company, you may still qualify for the life insurance coverage. However, in order to compensate for the added risk, the insurer may opt to charge you a higher amount of premium and place your policy into a Substandard rating class.

How to Help Ensure That You Get Life Insurance with Pancreatitis

In order to help in ensuring that you get life insurance with pancreatitis, there are several things that you can do. First, it is always a good idea to work with a company that has access to more than just one insurance company. In doing so, we can help. We work with many of the best life insurance companies in the market today – and we can help you in finding the company and the policy that will work best for you and your specific coverage needs.

In our experience, we have familiarized ourselves with which life insurers will work with higher risk applicants, and we can point you in the right direction. We can also help you to compare life insurance policy benefits and premium quotes, so that you not only get the best coverage, but also a rate that fits into your budget. In order to get the process started, just use the form on this page.

If you have any questions along the way, please feel free to contact us directly. Our experts are standing by to help answer any concerns that you may have about applying for life insurance with pancreatitis, comparing premium quotes, or even just about life insurance in general. You can call us directly, toll-free, at 888-229-7522. We are here to help.

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