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Can You Qualify for Life Insurance with Coronary Artery Disease?

Qualifying for insurance coverage can sometimes be a difficult task if you deal with any kind of an unfavorable health condition. This is because, depending on what condition that you have, you could be viewed as a higher risk to the insurance company.

The more risk you are to the life insurance firm, the less chance you have to be accepted for coverage, or the more that you will pay for the life support. There are various different determinants that could make you be seen as a high-risk candidate, but even if you are, there are still several options for quality and affordable life insurance.

Some applicants are denied for coverage altogether by the insurer if their condition is viewed as being too risky, while others are approved as a Substandard policy holder and are required to pay a higher amount of premium than those who are Standard – or average – risks.

Perhaps you have other conditions such as one searching for life insurance after having a stroke. We will help answer your questions about this condition and many more.

life insurance with coronary artery diseaseApplicants who have been diagnosed with coronary artery disease – also sometimes referred to as coronary heart disease – are typically viewed as being a riskier claim to life insurance companies. One reason for this is that this particular condition is the leading cause of death among both males and females in the U.S. today.

Therefore, when appealing for life insurance with coronary artery disease, it is important that you allow time for the underwriters to carefully review your application and other information. In addition, you should expect in most cases that your premium that you have to pay to be costlier for your insurance plan.

What the Life Insurance Underwriters Will Look For

When looking over your application, the underwriters will be looking at several criteria prior to making a judgment as to whether or not they will accept you. These include:

  • Your current age
  • Your history of heart attacks
  • Your cholesterol level
  • Your ejection fraction
  • The results of your cardiac tests, such as your EKGs and stress tests
  • The number and the severity of the blood vessels that are affected
  • The degree of damage that has already occurred to your heart
  • The type of treatment that you are receiving for your condition
  • The prescription and / or over-the-counter medications that you are taking for your condition
  • Your exercise habits
  • Any surgeries that you have had
  • Any other health conditions that you currently have

Likewise, the underwriters will also think about other important factors such as how tall you are and how much you weigh, your family health history, your occupation, your hobbies, your smoking history, and any other criteria that could make a difference in the risk that you bring to the insurance business. If you have already had a heart attack in the past, it is likely that you may be asked to present a copy of the emergency room report to the insurance organization for review.

All of these portions will be a huge part in how much you end up paying for your life insurance policy or your likelihood of being approved. While there are quite a few aspects that you can’t control, there are a few that you can, like your exercise and diet. If you would like to improve your possibilities of getting affordable security, we advise you to start a healthy diet and get exercise on a regular basis.

How Coronary Artery Disease May Affect Your Life Insurance Premium Rates

In certain cases, the life insurance underwriters may not want to accept a person’s application due to the volume of risk that they present to the insurance corporation. However, if your coronary artery disease is under control, it is highly likely that you will be supported for the coverage that you need.

Oftentimes, you could be expected to pay a higher amount of premium that is based on a “table rating.” Table ratings refer to an additional percentage of premium that is required over and above the Standard amount of premium that would be charged. For example, if the Standard amount of premium for a policy is $100 per month, then someone with a Table 1 rating may be ordered to pay 25% above that amount, or $125 per month.

For those who have coronary artery disease that is under control, policies are often rated between a Table 4 through a Table 8. Those who have moderate to severe cases would likely be rated as a Table 8 through Decline. (Please note that this is only an outline, however, as there are typically a wide variety of factors to consider for each individual life insurance applicant).

Taking the Next Step

If you have been thinking about getting life insurance and are ready to take that step, but with coronary artery disease you aren’t sure if you will qualify – let us help you find the plan and help that you need. We will help you find the right plan for you with a top rated insurer in the life insurance for people with illnesses marketplace today – and we are extremely familiar with the companies that are more inclined to accept higher risk applicants.

By applying with these companies first, we can assist you in saving many hours of time wasted and frustration – you deserve great life insurance protection that you and your loved ones need much faster. We would love to also assist you with presenting your application in the best possible manner to the insurer so that the underwriters can see all of the pertinent details. This can be especially helpful if your condition is under control, lessening your overall risk to the insurance firm.

In order to begin the process of relating policy quotes, just use the form on this page. We also understand that other questions and concerns may come up about policy quotes, the application process, or even regarding life insurance in general. If this does happen, please feel free to call us directly by reaching us at 888-229-7522 and we’ll be happy to chat with you.

Not possessing life insurance is a bad move and of the worst mistakes that you could make for your loved ones. If you were to pass away, they would be left with all of your final expenses and debts, which can easily add up to thousands and thousands of dollars. All of this debt will easily make a difficult situation much worse by putting your loved ones under financial stress. Having life insurance can give them the money and protection that they need to pay off those debts if anything tragic happens to you. Don’t wait another moment to purchase the life security plan that your loved ones and friends deserve.

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