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Can a Person with Hepatitis C Purchase Life Insurance?

When shopping for life insurance, it can be difficult to qualify for coverage if you have certain types of adverse health conditions – and this could be the case if you have been diagnosed with Hepatitis C.

Because of the inflammation that Hepatitis C can cause, it may essentially lead to liver damage, which can in turn become a more serious issue such as cirrhosis, hepatic cancer, or liver failure due to infection with this virus.

life insurance with hepatitis cIn addition, because there is no vaccine or permanent cure for Hepatitis C, life insurance underwriters are very careful when reviewing the application of someone who is seeking life insurance. This is because any condition of an applicant that could essentially shorten the person’s life expectancy and lead to an insurance claim can be risky to the insurer.

There are, however, many insurance companies that work with what are referred to as higher risk cases. Working with a company that has access to such insurers can oftentimes help you in finding coverage much faster and more conveniently than going through the process alone.  There are also companies who offer life insurance policies to those who are overweight or considered obese or life insurance with no medical exam.

If you’ve ever been declined for life insurance because of Hep C, or any other pre-existing condition, don’t assume that you can’t get quality coverage for your family. Don’t let your health stop you from getting life insurance that will protect your immediate family.

Preparing To Apply For Life Insurance

When preparing to apply for a policy, remember the underwriter will try and get to the bottom of your health condition. Therefore, in order to best prepare, it is good to know the following information so you can be prepared to provide it on your application:

  • The date you were initially diagnosed with Hepatitis C.
  • The tests you have had performed regarding your condition.
  • Whether you have been diagnosed with Chronic Persistent Hepatitis C, Acute Viral Hepatitis C, or Active Hepatitis C.
  • The regularity, if any, that you drink alcohol.
  • The names and dosages of the medications, if any, that you have been prescribed for your Hepatitis C.
  • Whether or not your liver function enzymes have been tested, and if so, what the results were.
  • How often you are required to visit a physician for treatment of your condition.
  • What, if any, other medical conditions you suffer from.

If you are controlling your condition in any other manner that is not specifically inquired about on the application for life insurance, you should add this information as an addendum or on a separate sheet. This information can help the underwriters in getting a clearer picture of how you are better dealing with your condition, which in turn, could be prolonging life expectancy and therefore reducing the risk to the life insurance company.

The life insurance underwriters will also need to know basic information about you as well, like demographic questions, health history, tobacco use, and hobbies.

Every single thing they ask and look at will be put into their algorithm and analysis to help them decide your premium, class rating and if they’ll offer you the policy you want. Once the underwriters have reviewed your information, they can better determine where you will be in terms of policy approval and premium rate. In many instances, if you have experienced sustained remission, you could receive a competitive premium rate for your coverage. This is because you pose less of a risk to the insurer.

Those who have suffered minor liver damage due to their condition, however, do tend to pose more risk to the life insurance company. In this case, although you may still qualify for the coverage that you need, your premium may be higher than average.

In order to make a more exact determination of your condition, the insurance company may request a liver biopsy result. This information will allow the insurer to note more clearly how much damage has been done to your liver due to the Hepatitis C.

There are plenty of ways that you can increase your chances of being approved for coverage and getting affordable rates. Following all of your doctor’s orders is the most important thing you should do, but you should also get regular exercise and stick to a healthy diet. Both of these can have a wonderful impact on your health.

Where Can A Person With Hepatitis C Purchase Life Insurance?

Do you have Hepatitis C and you’re ready to purchase life insurance? You’ll want to find an agent or agency that can offer you more than just one quote from one carrier. These agents should have an idea, after hearing about your situation, on what company or companies that you should apply for coverage with.

We are here to assist you in finding the life insurance protection that you need. We are familiar with which insurers will take on life insurance policies for people with an illness and can therefore point you in the right direction for your coverage. This will be a huge time-saver for you.

We know that buying life insurance can be a long and difficult process, especially if you have a severe health complication. Our agents are here to help make the process as simple and quick as possible. Because you can’t predict the future, there is no way to know when tragedy is going to strike, which means that you shouldn’t wait any longer to get the protection that they need.

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