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Can You Get Life Insurance with Migraines?

If you have some sort of unfortunate health condition, the process of getting life insurance can seem a little bit more difficult at times. Depending on how serious your condition is, your application might be defined as “substandard” – meaning that you could have to pay a higher premium to get coverage. Or, you could be denied for coverage all together.

While migraine headaches don’t pose a life threatening condition, they oftentimes require that you take certain medications that can affect your heart rate. Frequent headache symptoms – especially those that are severe – could also be an indication of other more serious health conditions.

can you get life insurance with In most cases, those who get migraine headaches will typically be okay to get traditional life insurance coverage. Usually, however, the life insurance company will require that the applicant take a medical exam prior to getting approval, unless you have chosen to go for a no medical exam life insurance policy.  If you have questions about such things as life insurance for diabetics, the questions to your questions are here.

Life insurance is a huge and important investment that you can make for your family, and migraines shouldn’t keep you from getting a policy. In most cases, this condition is going to prevent you from getting an affordable plan, but there are several things that you should think about doing to better your chances and get the lowest rates possible.

What the Life Insurance Underwriters Want to Know

When you start up your application, the underwriters will probably be interested in some deeper information about your migraine headaches. This helps them to make a more accurate determination regarding what type of a risk you are to the insurer.

Some of the more common questions you may be asked can include:

  • How long has it been since you were initially diagnosed with migraine headaches? If your diagnosis with migraines was recent, it may be a bit harder to get a Standard life insurance policy. This is because not enough time has elapsed in order to rule out other health conditions that may be causing your headaches. In addition, the longer you have had your migraines, the more information you will have regarding what triggers an attack, as well as what you can do to both control and manage your headaches.
  • How often do you experience a migraine headache? More frequent migraine headaches can be a sign of other symptoms such as photophobia or phonophobia. These require additional evaluation before an insurer can offer you either a Standard or a Substandard life insurance policy rating.
  • How are you managing or controlling your migraines? The underwriters will care about how you are controlling your migraines. For example, are you able to help reduce the number of attacks by avoiding certain foods, by performing certain exercises, or through alternative methods such as chiropractic and massage?
  • What type of medication, if any, have you been prescribed for controlling your migraine headaches? Medications such as NSAIDs and analgesics can help with controlling the symptoms of migraine headaches. Taking too much medication, however, can cause you additional harm.
  • What type, if any, diagnostic tests have you had performed regarding your migraine headaches over the past 12 months? Various lab and diagnostic testing such as x-rays and MRIs can help in eliminating the possibility that your migraine headaches are associated with other issues such as glaucoma or meningitis.
  • Do you know what are the major triggers that will cause you to have a migraine headache? Knowing what triggers your migraine headache attacks can help you to prevent flare ups – and could even help you in qualifying for a better life insurance policy rating.

In addition to your migraine headaches, other factors might be included that the insurance underwriters will consider as well when determining whether or not to accept your application for coverage, and if so, how to rate your policy. These criteria include your:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Family health history
  • Smoking status
  • Occupation
  • Hobbies
  • Other health related conditions

All of these portions will be playing a significant role in your odds of being accepted for coverage, and will determine what you will be paying for your policy. There are some factors that you don’t have the ability to change like your age or family’s history, however there are some that you can develop which can save you money on your life insurance.

The best way to do that is improving your health through diet, exercise, and quitting smoking. All these things are going to increase your overall health as well as save you hundreds of dollars on your insurance coverage.

The Premium You Will Pay

If you are approved as at a Standard policy rating, this suggests that you will meet the same premium rates as those policyholders who are of ordinary weight, height, and health. If, however, the underwriters rate your policy as a Substandard, you will probably have to pay a higher than normal premium rate.

If you are initially accepted at a Substandard rate, it is possible that if your migraine headaches become more controlled in the future, you could have your policy re-rated at a later date as a Standard policy with Standard premium rates. It’s important to get the most affordable life insurance policy for yourself and find great coverage.

How to Obtain Life Insurance with Migraines

If you are inclined to take your next step in obtaining life insurance with migraines, you should work with an entity that can give you options from several highly rated life insurance companies. We operate with a number of the top insurers in the marketplace, and can guide you to the companies that are most likely to accept applicants who suffer from migraine headaches.

Unlike traditional insurance agents, our agents represent dozens of the most highly rated companies across the United States, which means we can help you get the most economical rates in a matter of seconds. Working with our agents will not only save you time, but it will save you money as well. Independent agents are the best way to search for the most suitable life insurance policy to match your needs.

In order to compare quotes from several of the top life insurers, you can begin by using the quote application on this page. In addition, if any additional questions or concerns come about your quotes, the application process, or life insurance coverage in general, you can get in touch with us at 888-229-7522 and we’ll be thrilled to help.

It’s our goal to guarantee that you are getting the most reliable policy for your family. If you do not get life insurance it can be one of the worst things that you can do for your family. Don’t wait another moment to get the stability that they deserve.

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