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Can You Get Life Insurance with COPD?

When trying to obtain life insurance, it can be difficult at best if you have certain types of health issues. This can especially be the case if you have COPD, a condition that limits the flow of air to and from one’s lungs.

COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, has no known cure at this time. Because of this, life insurance underwriters are very careful about the applicants that they select for coverage. That, however, does not mean an automatic decline for those who apply. In fact, quite the contrary for those who know where to seek coverage and what to expect when going into their application process.

What the Life Insurance Company Will Want to Know

If you’ve been diagnosed with COPD, you are likely aware that this condition exists in varying degrees. Because of this, when in its lower levels, an individual can typically qualify for life insurance coverage.

life insurance with copdWhen applying for coverage, though, the life insurance underwriters will want to know more in depth information about your condition, in addition to the more basic information that is asked on the primary application. Just some of the more condition related questions that you may be asked regarding your COPD condition will likely include the following:

  • When were you initially diagnosed with COPD? One of the most important questions that you will be asked is when you were initially diagnosed with COPD. If you were recently diagnosed and your attacks are fairly infrequent, then it is possible that you can obtain a policy with a rating of Mild Substandard. If, however, your attacks are more frequent – meaning that your breathing is more forceful – then it is likely that your policy would be rated as a Medium or even a Severe Substandard.
  • Are you a current smoker? Another extremely important question that you will be asked by the insurance underwriters is whether or not you are currently a smoker. This is because your answer will have a very large bearing on your policy’s classification. Here, if you have stopped smoking, it is likely that your symptoms such as shortness of breath may also have improved. If, however, you are still smoking, it is likely that the best policy rating you can obtain is a Severe Substandard – and it is also possible that your application could be declined.
  • How many packs of cigarettes do you currently consume per day? (If you no longer smoke, how many packs of cigarettes did you previously consumer per day?) Because smoking cigarettes has been specifically linked to developing COPD, the life insurance underwriters will want to know how many packs of cigarettes you currently consume (if you currently smoke), or how many packs of cigarettes you previously consumed per day (if you no longer smoke). If you are no longer a current smoker, the longer ago you quit, the better chance you have of getting your life insurance application approved, and of obtaining a better policy rating.
  • Does anyone else in your immediate household smoke? Although you may not currently smoke, if someone who resides in your immediate household is a smoker, it could have an effect on your COPD condition. Therefore, the underwriters will also want to know about this. This also holds true if someone in your immediate working environment is a smoker.
  • How many times per year do you experience symptoms of COPD? The underwriters will also want to know how many occurrences per year you have of your COPD symptoms. In this case, the less frequently you experience your symptoms, the better your chances will be of getting qualified for life insurance coverage.
  • What, if any, medications are you taking for your COPD? If you are currently taking medication for your COPD, there is a chance that it could be slowing down the progression of the disease. This can be a positive in terms of qualifying for life insurance coverage. It is also possible that by sticking to a regular regime of taking medication, you will be experiencing less frequent symptoms from your COPD as well.
  • Within the past 6 months, have you had any type of relevant diagnostic lab testing performed? If you have had any relevant lab testing done that is related to your condition, the life insurance underwriters will typically view this as a positive in that you are working towards managing your condition. The underwriters may also be able to use the results of these tests to gain more in depth knowledge about your condition.

In addition to your COPD specific information, the underwriters will also review your other information such as age, gender, height and weight, occupation and income, hobbies, and overall health condition and history. All of this will also be relevant in making a coverage determination. It is likely that you will also be required to take a medical exam. This will include submitting a blood and urine sample.

Obtaining Life Insurance with COPD

In order to help you in obtaining life insurance with COPD, we work with many of the best life insurance companies in the country – many of which have a focus on higher risk applicants. This means that we can help to find you the coverage that best fits your needs.

We can also help you to compare policy benefits and premium quotes. In order to start the process, simply use the form on this page. Should you have any questions along the way, please feel free to contact us directly, toll-free, at 888-229-7522, and we will be happy to help.

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