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Can You Get Life Insurance Approval with Angina?

Having any type of health issue or concern can make purchasing a life insurance policy difficult. And, if you’ve ever been declined, then it may seem like you have nowhere else to turn in order to obtain the financial protection that you need for your loved ones should the unexpected occur.

life insurance with anginaThe good news is that you can still obtain the life insurance policy that you need – even if you have a health condition such as angina – you just need to know where to look, as well as how to prepare for the many questions that will be asked by the life insurance underwriters.

What the Life Insurance Underwriters Will Want to Know About Your Health Condition

When seeking life insurance approval with angina, there are a number of aspects of your health that underwriters will want to know about. This is in addition to the basic information you will be asked about on the application for life insurance coverage.

Some of the more condition specific questions that you will be asked regarding your angina may include the following:

  • Within the past 6 months, have you experienced any type of chest pain, and if so, how often? If you have experienced any chest pain within the past 6 months, the life insurance underwriters may require you to undergo a more extensive health exam before they can make a determination regarding your policy coverage or rating.
  • What, if any, medication do you currently take for your condition? If you take medication for your condition, it can either be considered as a positive or a negative – depending on what it is, as well as how long you have been taking it. This is because certain types of medications can tend to cause harmful side effects to other organs in the body. Regular types of “maintenance” medications, however, can actually be a positive factor, and can oftentimes lead to obtaining a Mild Substandard rating on a policy for an applicant who has angina.
  • It would be great if you had regularly scheduled appoints with the cariologist. This is because it shows that you are taking an active role in managing and monitoring your condition. It also means that your cardiologist is monitoring your condition on a regular basis as well.
  • Within the past 6 months, have you had any relevant lab testing performed? If, over the past 6 months, you have had any relevant lab testing performed such as an ECG test, that will also be viewed as a positive sign. In addition, the underwriters may be able to review these tests in order to get a more clear picture of your angina condition.
  • Do you possess any additional risk factors? The underwriters will also want to know if you possess any other possible risk factors for chest pain. Some of these may include smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Others can also include having a sedentary lifestyle and a family history of heart disease.

Likewise, apart of the regularly scheduled process, carriers want you to go through a medical exam. During this process you’ll go through standard tests and you’ll be giving blood and urine samples.  These things will be examined to see if their are other health markers for conditions that could pop up in the future.

Once all of the information has been gathered, the underwriters can then further determine what the carriers decision will be in reference to your application. In most cases, your policy will be placed into one of the Substandard rating categories. This means that your premium will be higher than those who are in the Standard rating class. However, you will be able to obtain the protection that you need.

Some ways that you may be able to help keep your policy rating out of the Severe Substandard category is to keep your condition under control. By following the strict guidelines of your doctor, including any advice for exercise, you may be able to move into a better health and policy class.

For those who still obtain a policy decline, there are other potential avenues for obtaining life insurance. One option is to consider a guarantee issue or a no medical exam life insurance policy. In many cases, these policies will only require answering just a few simple questions on the life insurance application for coverage, and as the name implies, there is no medical exam required for policy approval.

Getting Life Insurance Approval with Angina

Our first suggestion is to really ask several agents to give you a quote based off some of your health history and geographic information. This will give you a starting point on what face value you want to look at and what your monthly premium could be.

Or you could just use us! Our agents have contracts with most of the top ranked life insurance carriers in business today. The software we use allows us to send you those quotes in just a few seconds, and we can do it all through email and phone.

At InsureNow365.com we recognize that navigating the life insurance market is not super simple. So there are probably some extra questions you might have, or concerns about how angina could affect your plan options, you can reach out to us at 888-229-7522.


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