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Buying Life Insurance While Taking Androgel

Androgel is a prescription medication that is used primarily in the treatment of testosterone deficiency. This topical medication will typically either supplement or replace the testosterone hormone in men who use it.

Affect on Application: Will not really change the outcome.

Best Possible Coverage Outcome: If your overall health is currently excellent, there’s a change you could get that Preferred rating .life insurance while using androgel

Worst Possible Coverage Outcome: Not applicable, as taking Androgel typically will have little to no effect on determining whether or not an applicant will qualify for life insurance coverage.

Primary Determining Factor: When being reviewed for coverage, underwriters will typically consider a number of details regarding an applicant’s health history, as well as his or her lifestyle factors that could pose potential risks. The taking of the medication Androgel is typically not considered to be a risk when reviewing an application for life insurance coverage.

Factors that are, however, considered include whether or not the policy is fully underwritten – meaning that the applicant has undergone a full medical examination. Policies that are not fully underwritten are typically approved within a short period of time, as the medical exam requirements are waived.

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When the industry creates advertisements for policies, they will oftentimes use information on rates for those that are healthiest. This is because those in very good health are provided with low rates – and low rates look good when trying to sell policies to the public.

However, it is true that most people cannot qualify for the lowest rates available. This could be for any number of different reasons – including having a preexisting health condition or the taking of certain types of prescription medications.

As an example, an applicant may be taking Androgel. Androgel is a type of topical hormone medication that usually treats either supplementing or replacing testosterone in men.

This particular medication will typically not play a role in whether or not an applicant will be approved for coverage. In fact, in most cases, applicants who use this medication will not be penalized at all.

So, in this case, the premium will be more dependent on the individual’s overall health condition. The rate can also depend upon whether or not the applicant opts to go with a policy that is fully underwritten with a full medical examination, or simplified issue where a medical exam is not required.

When a medical examination is not required, items that could negatively affect an application and premium rate such as high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and / or high cholesterol will not be detected by the underwriters.

Coverage for Those Who Take Androgel

Just as in most other industries, the life insurance industry can be somewhat competitive. Therefore, insurance carriers are always looking for ways to differentiate themselves and locate new customers for their products. The most popular way of going about this is working with niche clients.

This can actually work to the advantage of potential buyers – provided that they work with an agency that has access to more than just one insurance carrier. This is because the agency can essentially “shop” the customer’s application to many different insurers in order to locate the very best policy – and premium price – in order to find the best deal for the potential applicant. Think of purchasing insurance just as you would when buying any other type of important product or service – you want to find the best deal for your money.

How and Where to Buy

Buying life insurance while taking Androgel doesn’t have to be difficult. We can help you in obtaining the best policy and premium price for the protection that you need. If you are ready to proceed with applying for a plan, we can assist you with all of the following aspects:

  • Obtaining the proper type of coverage: Term, Whole Life, or Universal Life
  • Determining the proper amount of coverage for your specific needs
  • Locating the carrier that will provide you with the very best premium price on the coverage that you require

At InsureNow365.com we are affiliated with those life insurance companies that rank highly on the top carriers of the year lists. If you have any questions or concerns with we’d love to speak with you. You can reach us at 888-229-7522, or you can begin by using our form on the left.


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