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Life Insurance for People with Epilepsy

Whenever a person with epilepsy talks to us for the first time we almost always hear the question, “Why are rates on life insurance for people with epilepsy so high?”  The quick answer is ignorance.

Life insurance companies are always slow to change their underwriting methods because a mistake in underwriting could lead to huge losses for the company.  For this reason people with controlled epilepsy are pretty much getting the shaft on life insurance rates.  We know that controlled epilepsy does not lead to any shortage of life span just as well as you do and that is why we work with so many people to find the best rates for people looking to get life insurance with epilepsy. There are even no medical exam life insurance policies or low cost life insurance for smokers that are available if these interest you.

Since we know this frustration is out there here are some of the most common questions we see. Continue Reading

Life Insurance for People Who Use Marijuana

When applying for life insurance, proposed insureds are typically required to answer a number of health related questions on the application for coverage. In addition, in many cases, they must also undergo a medical examination, though there are those companies out there that offer a life insurance policy with no medical exam. This is especially… Continue Reading

Is there Affordable Life Insurance for Veterans?

Volunteering to face dangers that most people never have to think about in their daily lives is to be appreciated and commended, but due to this increased risk military personnel have special life insurance options for while they are in the military.  However, once a veteran retires from the military, there are many more options for veterans life… Continue Reading

How Do I Find Affordable Life Insurance for Pilots?

Over the last 30 years there has been great progress in getting better rates on life insurance for people involved in aviation.  The unfortunate truth is that pilots have been penalized for many years whether they participate in recreational or commercial flights.  We will shop over 60 life insurance companies and match you with the one… Continue Reading