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Are there Options for Life Insurance with Multiple Sclerosis?

When it comes to getting life insurance, having some sort of disability or illness can make getting sufficient and reasonable rates a hard task. It can be a lengthy, complex, and frustrating task, but we want to help you.  If you are here, you might have already been rejected for life insurance or have received a set of quotes with rates that were through the roof. Thankfully, you are on this page because we have a track record with helping individuals with multiple sclerosis find life insurance for years. Continue Reading

Life Insurance After Lung Cancer

When constructing your overall financial plan, life insurance can play a key role. That is because the proceeds from life insurance may be used for a wide variety of purposes by your survivors, such as paying off debt, continuing the payment of their living expenses, and / or for your funeral and other final expense… Continue Reading

Guarantee Issue Life Insurance

While qualifying for life insurance coverage may be easy for some who are in good health, for others, getting approval on this type of insurance protection can be more difficult. This is particularly the case if you have certain health related issues. The good news is that, even if you do not qualify for a… Continue Reading

Can You Qualify for Life Insurance After Melanoma?

When you have certain health related conditions, it can be difficult to qualify for life insurance. This is because various ailments can present a higher amount of risk to the insurance company. Depending on the exact condition – as well as its severity – the insurer may deny your application for coverage altogether. However, in… Continue Reading

Life Insurance for People Who Use Marijuana

When applying for life insurance, proposed insureds are typically required to answer a number of health related questions on the application for coverage. In addition, in many cases, they must also undergo a medical examination, though there are those companies out there that offer a life insurance policy with no medical exam. This is especially… Continue Reading