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Finding Life Insurance for People with Progressive-Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis (PRMS)

Finding the right life insurance can be an important part of most people’s overall financial plan. This is because leaving loved ones with any type of debt or ongoing income needs can create a tremendous financial hardship.

For many people, obtaining life insurance coverage is not that difficult – especially if they are young and in relatively good health. But if there are certain types of health issues present, qualifying for life insurance protection can become more difficult. One reason for this is because various conditions tend to have an effect on a person’s life expectancy.

life insurance with Progressive Relapsin multiple sclerosisIn addition, sometimes even the medications and / or the treatments for certain conditions can have an effect on an applicant’s overall health – in turn, causing an effect on their life insurance choices. This can be the case if you’ve been diagnosed with progressive-relapsing multiple sclerosis or PRMS.

The good news is that, even if you have PRMS, and you’ve been turned down for life insurance coverage in the past, you have options available to you today. You just need to know how and where to find the coverage that is right for you and your situation. We can help you with that.

What is Progressive-Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis and How Can It Affect Your Life Insurance

Progressive relapsing multiple sclerosis also referred to as simply PRMS, is the least common of the four types of multiple sclerosis (MS). This particular form of MS is only thought to occur in roughly 5 percent of all MS cases. Those who are diagnosed with progressive-relapsing multiple sclerosis will typically experience a steadily worsening neurologic function from the very beginning of their disease, as well as occasional relapses such as those who have relapsing-remitting MS, which is another of the forms of multiple sclerosis.

While there is no cure at this time for PRMS, there are ways of treating this disease so that individuals can help in managing and controlling it. Some of the forms of treatment can include the use of interferon beta medications such as Rebif, Avonex, Tysabri, and Betaseron. It is also important that those who have been diagnosed with progressive-relapsing multiple sclerosis take part in rehabilitation activities that can help them with enhancement of their mobility, as well as with promotion of their independence.

What the Underwriters Will Want to Know If You Have PRMS

If you have progressive-relapsing multiple sclerosis, and you’re applying for life insurance coverage, the underwriters will want to know more about your condition than just the basic information that is requested in the application for coverage. Therefore, it is likely that you will be asked some additional questions, such as:

  • When were you initially diagnosed with progressive-relapsing multiple sclerosis?
  • What types of symptoms have you experienced due to your diagnosis of PRMS?
  • What, if any, medication(s) are you taking to help with the management or control of your PRMS? (And, if you are taking any medication, what are the dosages?)
  • What other types of control and / or management for your PRMS have you undertaken, for example, diet and / or exercise?
  • How often do you visit your doctor due to your PRMS condition?
  • Have you had any relevant testing performed within the past six months pertaining to your PRMS?

It is likely that you will also be required to undergo a medical exam as a part of the underwriting process. Here, the paramedical professional will take a heart rate and blood pressure reading, as well as a blood and urine sample. The life insurance underwriters may also wish to review your medical records in order to get a more thorough picture of your full medical history.

Once all of your information has been reviewed, the insurance underwriters will be able to make a determination regarding your coverage. The good news is that today, due in large part to many more favorable treatments for multiple sclerosis, life insurance underwriters are oftentimes more apt to approve life insurance applicants for coverage – especially if a successful plan of treatment is in place with an individual.

How Much Will Your Life Insurance Coverage Cost

If the life insurance underwriters determine that, other than your progressive-relapsing multiple sclerosis, you are in good health and do not have any negative life style choices such as smoking, it may be possible for you to qualify for a Standard life insurance policy. This means that the premium rate for this coverage will be in line with those who are considered to be of average health.

In many cases, however, applicants who have multiple sclerosis are placed into a Substandard underwriting category. This means that, even though the cover may be accepted, the rate will be higher than those who are of average health. The severity of your condition will be the ultimate determinant of the actual premium cost.

In some cases, an individual may not be able to qualify for a traditionally underwritten policy at all. In these situations, there is still the possibility of obtaining coverage via a no medical exam life insurance policy. With these policies, there is no medical exam necessary for underwriting, meaning that the applicant will usually just have to answer a few questions in order to qualify for coverage. And, while the premium on this type of plan is higher, it could be the only way that a person can obtain the life insurance protection that they need.

How and Where to Get the Best Rates on Life Insurance for People with PRMS Diagnosis

When shopping for life insurance for people with multiple sclerosis, it is best if you work with a company or an agency that has access to more than just one insurance carrier. This way, the agency can help you in finding the insurers that are more apt to work with applicants who have this health condition.

We can help you when looking for the coverage that you need. We work with many of the top life insurers in the industry, and we are familiar with which way you should turn. When you are ready to move forward, all you have to do is get your first set of quotes by filling out the form on this page.

If you have any additional questions, we can be reached directly via phone, toll-free, by dialing 888-229-7522. We understand that shopping for coverage when you have PRMS can be a bit daunting. But the good news is that you have an ally on your side. So, contact us today – we’re here to help.

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