Affordable Rates for Impaired Risk Life Insurance

We have heard and know the frustration of not being able to find affordable life insurance because you fall into an impaired risk category, according to the underwriters.  You want life insurance but don’t feel that paying half your paycheck is a reasonable price.  InsureNow365 is here to help you get the best possible rates on your life insurance.

How does InsureNow365 get the best rates on life insurance policies?

We take a three tiered approach to getting the best rates for anyone needing special risk life insurance.

  • Getting to know you – Spending time to understand each client and what has made it difficult for them to get a standard life insurance policy.  By taking that time and getting the best understanding of what you need and what has kept you from getting life insurance we can then match you with the right plan and the right company.
  • We know the companies – Each life insurance company looks at risk a bit differently.  By knowing which looks favorably on each type of impaired risk life insurance we can help you get the best rates.  For instance, matching life insurance with critical illness would be different than someone with a disability.  Right now we work with over 30 companies that look favorably on all sorts of special risk life insurance cases.
  • The best technology – With tools that get life insurance quotes from the companies that offer insurance in your area we can make sure we are not missing out on any of the possible rates that will help you.  This also allows us to hunt for better rates and paint your risk the best light possible to an insurance underwriter

Can I search on my own?

impaired risk life insuranceAbsolutely!  We are here to help anyway we can.  You can get started by looking at quotes using the form on this page or start reading about high risk life insurance.  If you have any questions as you are doing research or looking at quotes then just contact us and we are here to help.

What can I expect from working with InsureNow365?

We are a small business that is focused on helping people that do not fit into the standard life insurance underwriting find the most affordable life insurance they can get.  Since we are an independent agency we do not work with any one life insurance company and shop all the best life insurance companies to make sure you have the best rates and information possible.  This means we work on YOUR behalf instead of trying to fit your needs into the limited offerings of any one insurance company.

We will ask the questions that will get you the best rates and never resort to high pressure selling strategies that force you into making a bad decision.  We help you find the life insurance you need and then, when you are ready, help you get through the underwriting process.

If at any time during our search for life insurance you have a question you can ask and we will either have or find an answer for you.  So whether you are looking for life insurance for disabled people or people with an illness we can make sure you get the best rates and understand your policy.

We look forward to working with you and for you.