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MetLife No Medical Exam Product Review

When applying for life insurance, many people can fill out the application for coverage, undergo the medical examination, and simply wait to hear back regarding their policy approval. For other applicants, though, the process is not so easy. Those who have an adverse health condition may not be able to qualify for life insurance – at least not by going through the process in the traditional manner.
The good news is, however, that even if you’ve been turned down for life insurance in the past, you may still have options available. There are companies out there that are better for such specific needs such as smokers life insurance or pilot life insurance. We provide many reviews for you to look over to find the best fit for you! One such option could be a no medical exam life insurance policy through MetLife.

These policies are designed to cover costs such as final expenses, unpaid debts, and other financial obligations that your survivors could be left with in the event of the unexpected – and with these plans, an applicant cannot be turned down for coverage due to adverse health issues. Continue Reading

How to Determine Insurable Interest for Life Insurance

There are many reasons that people purchase life insurance coverage. In most instances, though, individuals want to ensure that someone whom they love and care about will not need to struggle financially should something happen to them. Certainly, one of the key aspects of life insurance is the named beneficiary that is listed on the… Continue Reading

Can You Qualify For Life Insurance With High Cholesterol Issues?

When applying for life insurance, there are various health issues that could cause an applicant to be declined. In other cases, depending on the severity of one’s health, an individual may still qualify for coverage, however, because the insurance company is taking on a higher amount of risk than average, the insured will be required… Continue Reading

Life Insurance and Alcohol Consumption

While many people may correlate qualifying for life insurance with having health issues and even participating in various dangerous hobbies and occupations, there are other important factors to keep in mind when your are applying for coverage too. For example, there is also a correlation between qualifying for life insurance and alcohol consumption. This is… Continue Reading